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Pate - Beach Wave Curlers

Size Guide

Create beautiful beach waves with these curlers. They are the same as magic curlers except they are not spiral curls. =-)

It is best to use multiple sets. Often you need 2 or 3 sets for a natural look. Here's a video on how to use:

Simply squeeze the curler to open the slot. Slide the wand completely through. Twist a section of hair and hook to the wand. Pull through. Next!

For best use, Use in wet hair after a shower, and sleep in them. I personally have used the spiral curlers on my daughters hair and had it done in an hour before school pictures by just blow drying her hair with the curlers in.

Each set includes:
Short: 12 curlers 11.5" long plus wand 
Long - 18 curlers , 21" long plus wand.