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Alpaca Wool Dryer Balls

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Alpaca Wool Dryer Balls 

These AMAZING beauties work better then ANY dryer sheet and wont damage your clothes or dryer!

•Alpaca Dryer Balls replace toxic dryer sheets (laden with chemicals that “melt” into your clothes.
•Alpaca Dryer Balls are all natural, hypoallergenic and save money as they cut down on dry time and can be used for months.

You can add your favorite essential oil to scent your laundry and enjoy the benefits of essential oils. I keep a spray bottle in the laundry room with water and 10 drops of essential oil. I spray the balls before putting them into laundry. You should use 3 balls per load, as they are all natural and have to work a little harder. Dye will not bleed and is set with citric acid.