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Meet the Owners

Hi there -  I am so glad you clicked on this link to learn a little bit about who's running the show behind the curtain and who you are supporting by making a purchase with us. 

My name is Kimberly Waldron and I started the boutique a decade ago, back in 2012. I was working home based businesses for over 20 years and someone I knew came to me and asked if I wanted to learn how to start up a "buy in" group like them with plus sizes. She had so much demand but no interest in carrying plus. 

Umm, yes! I was just starting my family. Newly married with my honeymoon baby just a few months old, this was perfect. I could sell clothes, help others catch a good deal, all while raising my daughter at home.

Personally, I had gained a bit of weight after having my daughter, so I was now looking at plus sizes for the first time. I quickly noticed how tough it was to find cute clothes that fit. The options in most stores were so frumpy. There had to be a way to be plus size and stylish at the same time so I went on a mission to make that happen.  

Fast forward to today, almost every style we offer is in regular and plus. Its not often you find that - especially all the same price! We look for styles that will look good on most bodies AND we have everyday women that model the styles for us. Its been amazing to see customers reacting to our models, and the testimonials coming in since they could order without having to guess how it would look on them. 

Our family is complete with 2 kids, 1 boy, 1 girl. They watch momma run her business and help where they can. I think its so important to show them a work ethic and balance.  My daughter wants to be a  "fashion designer".  Could I expect any less?  She's been seeing me run my own business since before she could walk.  I'm very proud to see my passions becoming hers.  

We are forever evolving, as it should be. We now live in Northern Utah, and I have been diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson's Disease. My time has become more important than ever, keeping work, home and health in balance. I was looking at more rewarding ideas for our boutique and began reaching out to schools, and other causes to help raise money for their locations. It's important to give back (and not just during holiday seasons) and I hope you will support us on our mission.

Most of the clothing you see has been specifically sourced at Market, in stock, sizes S-3X and ships in 48 hours or less. We do not have local pick up as my condition makes that rather tough to do currently. My husband, Damon helps me from time to time on the backend of things and has since day 1. Whether you catch him or me online, you know you'll be in good hands.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us and fill your wardrobe with all things cute and feminine. 

Happy Shopping,

Kimberly and Damon Waldron

Sage and Willow Boutique

PS. Interested in bringing a fundraiser to a location near and dear to you? You can earn a referral bonus as a thank you, we run the whole thing, and your organization receives the funds raised.