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Online shopping can be so convenient. You're able to shop from your phone while laying in bed. You have an unlimited reach of boutiques you normally wouldn't be able to shop from. You have thousands upon thousands of styles at your fingertips... many you wouldn't find in your typical store. How awesome is this, really!

When the clothing arrives at your home, it's literally like Christmas morning. You are surprised seeing it in person and now trying it on. But lets make sure you are pleasantly surprised by selecting the right fit.

Let's face it, some stay away from online shopping because they prefer to try items on. They don't know the fit. They prefer not to deal with returning an item.

I get it! I too have run into this. So let me give you our best tips to make sure the item you purchase fits perfect!!

To find your magic number you will need your favorite fitting top and a measuring tape. The top must be one that doesn't have a lot of stretch. Now lay out the top flat. Measure the bust area with your measuring tape from seam to seam. Take that number and double it. Doing so will give you YOUR MAGIC NUMBER.

Write it down.

As you are shopping with us, the majority of items have garment measurements. These are different then bust measurements. If you know your magic number from the exercise above, you know exactly what size will give you the perfect fit.

You can follow this same technique with shorts, pants, dresses etc. Its a great little hack to finding your perfect size shopping online!

Want to test this out? Measure a second top that fits incredible on you. They should be the same number or super close. Proven effective every time! 

Kimberly And Damon Waldron
Kimberly And Damon Waldron

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