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We have a huge launch coming in 2 weeks. Sooo many items, and a new vendor.
Heres a quick read on it...
Cotton Bleu’s AirFlow technology is unmatched!
Woven fabrics are one of the TRICKIEST FABRICS TO DO RIGHT. Why? Feel, texture, and most importantly - STRETCH.
It’s more than just a basic top or dress, it is well-designed, constructed and breathable in warmer weather.
AirFlow fabrication is 100% polyester. How do they make it breath? Polyester threading is micro-woven in layers with micro air-hole gaps that allow for stretch and breathability, keeping you cool in high temperature environments.
This woven all-over stretch also makes for an anti-wrinkle garment. This is the secret sauce. You can pack, knot, tie, and wear without a wrinkle. This will be key for selling and has a very on trend texture that also is flattering on all body types.
This also serves as a legacy familiarity piece because AirFlow will be available throughout the season; you start today with an airflow top, and next week - something new could be available. Once you have an AirFlow product in hand, you'll want more!! The listings will indicate "AirFlow".
I can't wait!! How about you?

Kimberly And Damon Waldron
Kimberly And Damon Waldron

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